Bare Glow Spa - Professional Skin Care and Waxing

Waxing Services
  • Eyebrow ------$18
  • Lip -------------$15
  • Chin -----------$15
  • Fingers/Toes--$10
  • Ear -------------$15
  • Underarm -----$25
  • Abdomen ------$25
  • Bikini -----------$35*
  • Brazilian -------$55*
  • Full Leg --------$65
  • Half Leg -------$40
  • Back ------------$50
  • Chest -----------$50
* Bikini & Brazilian Waxing is only available to female clients.
 Waxing Protocol
Facial Waxing Restrictions:
  • If you have recently undergone a chemical peel treatment or microdermabrassion, you must wait at least 5 days before getting waxed.
  • If you are using any Retinols, Retin-A or any Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy Acids, you must discontinue them at least 48 hours before getting waxed.
  • If you have recenlty gotten botox, Juvederm, Restylane, or any other typoe of filler, you must consult your physician rior to getting wax.
  • If you are taking any type of acne medication or any form oral Vitamn A, you can NOT get any waxing done until 12 months after finishing your treatment.
  • You must avoid tanning for at least 7 days before or after getting waxed.